Monday, October 31, 2005

This is Halloween..

yes today is Halloween in Belgium. It's very different and nothing like back home. I saw kids trying to trick-or-treat last night at gregory's parents house. I told Gregory to tell them off and he did but I should of as well. They pissed me off! If we don't get to go a day early no one trying to steal our holiday should either. So the kids said to Gregory as we were literally stepping into the car (translated version) "hey, sir. Do you have any candies?" and Gregory said "Halloween is tomorrow." and the kids said "well, we do it today." and Gregory supporting his American girlfriend said "well we don't. Come back tomorrow!" hooorah!!
it's the morning now so nothing strange or unusual has happened yet, besides the fact that it's a Monday and I'm not working. We have a holiday today. Actually the real holiday is tomorrow, it's all saints day. And its kind of like day of the dead in Mexico, only without all those fun little candies. Here, a vendor stands outside the cemetery and sells flowers, and everyone goes on this one day to remember their loved ones who have died and its also a competition, I've been told, among the families at the graveyard to be the one who buys the biggest most beautiful bouquet of flowers for their loved one's grave. Apparently its just a huge marketing scam now. But anyway, a lot of people have today off because Belgium is silly and will have ANY excuse for a holiday so they "bridge" it. So not only do I have today off but also tomorrow and Wednesday aswell. Because after all saints day you have to have all soul's day to balance it out. All saints day is the day to be sad because people are dead. And all soul's day is when you're not sad anymore because you're celebrating that they're soul has gone up to heaven. (I tell you, they just start making holidays up!)
today I believe we're headed to a giant shopping mall in France to do a little shopping and get Gregory a haircut. And tonight we're going to see the corps bride by Tim Burton in the theater with some friends. It's a bit of a different Halloween for me, but o got to carve a pumpkin so it's all ok.

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iruvroo said...

I LOVE YOUR PUMKIN!!! dad and i have pumkins on the porch but we havn't carved them. We know how much you love this holiday and we think about you every day. Hope your Holloween was memmorable and know that we MISS you very much!!! all our love,
BOOOOOOOOOOO mom and dad