Monday, October 03, 2005

Sucked into the seat cushion:call for help

It's one of those laaaaazy Sundays. Last night Gregory and I went out "clubbin". We didn't leave the house until 12am and didn't return home until 4am. We were both pretty drunk. Gregory had numerous beers and I had 3 white wines. I'm a cheap date, cheaper than Gregory at least. We had fun though. His friend matt invited us out and for the week he's had a girlie visitor from England. She and I danced the night away, made fun of people and just had a good time. I'm sorry she's leaving tomorrow because she speaks English and she's really nice. I had alot of fun with her.

needless to say any plans we had today went right out the window as we both had to struggle to move from the bed, to the shower and to the couch, where we've stayed; except for the occasional pee break or lunch break. Tonight we're going to the movies with matt and Jo (the friend with his brit girl) I hope there are some good flicks in the theater. I don't care about that though as much as I cant wait to eat salt & pepper potato chips with peanut m&m's, my favorite movie snack. Normally it would be popcorn but they have SUGARY popcorn and that tastes like crap.

I saw signs for a Halloween party that's partaking on the 15th. Halloween is a very young holiday here, its really only been coming around for the last couple of years I've been told so I'm pretty excited about seeing Halloween decorations in storefronts and signs for Halloween parties. I told Gregory we MUST attend. He doesn't want to but I assured him we will go and we will have fun. I have a super idea for Halloween for the both of us this year but I'm not gonna spill the beans yet. It should be great.
so back to being a couch potato I go.


William said...
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iruvroo said...

hello there fellow couch potatoe!it seems the student is now the have done well grass hopper.
now that the greetings are out of the way it's time to be the parent.i'm glad you had fun clubbing but who drove home if you were both drunk?don't make me ground you two.
it was nice to hear from you today.we miss you around here and we are thrilled you are coming home for christmas.we wish that gregory could come to but we are hopefull you both can come sometime in the new year.
love mom and dad

mandee said...

no one drove home, we walked!!! we're good children.