Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Why I Love October

1. The air is crisp and the sun is warm

2. sweater weather

3. pumpkins!! (and jack-o-lanterns)

4. Halloween!!!

5. that campfire smell

6. It's the best time to play outside

7. Apple crisp and apple pie mmmmm

8. Haunted houses!

reasons why October is so difficult in Belgium:
1. Lack of Halloween decorations (until I got a lovely donation from mom and dad! We have the coolest house in all of Belgium)

2. Lack of pumpkins

3. No trick-or-treaters???????

4. The very new idea of Halloween so nobody knows how to do it right

5. Probably the first year ever for haunted houses which are not being called haunted houses but such things as "ghost hunt" or "haunted walk" lets get it right people "haunted house" "haunted forest" "haunted cornfield"!!

6. No one dresses up for Halloween

7. The colors of the trees are kinda turning yellow and that's it. No brilliant oranges or reds to be found

8. No fall oriented baked goods


iruvroo said...

I love your list. here are a few more.
1. corn stalks
2. big bright mums
3. candy apples
you are missed!!!!
mom & Dad

mandee said...

oh good ones! mmm carmel apples! and apple cider!