Monday, October 03, 2005

solar eclipse of my ass

I had to turn on "word verification for anyone leaving comments because i'm getting more ad's than i am real comments. so the next time you go to leave a comment, dont be suprised when you have to type in a crazy word.

on another note, i was forced to watch "the duke's of hazard" i hated the show, why would i like the movie?? it was terrible. saw an ad for "corpse bride" cant wait to see that. strange that in the trailor they have the music from "the nighmare before christmas" for this new movie. that would be lame if he recycled music from his other stop-motion picture he made. it still looks cool though.

there was supose to be a solar eclipse 10 minutes ago but its still bright and sunny.

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debbie said...

hello mandy...sounds like things are going well. I see your parents are being parents...that's good of them. No driving intoxicated...we did that enough for everyone...just kidding, we walked everywhere too :) Well I need to make this short & sweet, gotta go to bed, early day tomorrow. I'll write again soon. Love auntie Deb