Friday, September 29, 2006

i'm a total halloweenie

its just about october and i'm feeling the halloween countdown clock ticking. i feel so unprepared because i plan to have a party this year, and though i have a definate costume idea i dont have any of the pieces yet. my costume would be easy to make, just a quick trip to the fabric store. gregory's is a little more complex.

without going into detail he would need a suite, either a bald cap or an old mans type wig with thinning white hair. i also didnt get a chance (spent all my money on other things) to pick up some skeltons for decorations, or glow sticks like i wanted.

if aaaaaaaaanyone feels extra generous and wants to donate to the amanda's halloween fund feel free to donate an old suite of any color (it'll be dyed anyway) glow sticks, sketelons or a wig for gregory. oh yeah, and black hair spray for me. as i've dyed my hair black once and will not revisit the fiasco of getting it back to a normal color ever. again.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Long time


its been quite a while since I last wrote. I know I know, I'm bad.

I had spent 11 days in the states visiting everyone (hi mom and dad!) and had the awesomest time ever.
some highlights from my trip include:

*not having to share a bed with bear, the gazillion ton german Shepard
*the body worlds exhibit at the Boston science museum
*camping in Maine
*thunder hole in bar harbor, me
*dunkin donuts ice coffee everyday
*hanging out with my friends at the only bar in north attleboro
*hanging and drinking at Dave and busters
*eating amazing Thai food with my fam
*seeing everyone I missed again

my first week back to Belgium was pretty uneventful. I took naps during the day and basically acted like a bum. It was fun, except for the headache I had. During the weekend we went to ikea to look at new beds. We found something we like but haven't purchased anything yet. We also visited our friends pieter-jan, Vanessa, janne, Thomas and Pedro. The boys went to an exhibit about the circa1300 war between west Flanders and the French while we girls did some shopping at molecule, a department type warehouse kind of store. Its not pronounce molecule, like the science word but more like (mall-e-cool-a). during Saturday evening Gregory, dimitri and I went to some little fair in a neighboring village where an old lady sang crazy folk songs and we drank beer. It wasn't as exciting as I thought it was going to be but we had fun making fun of the locals that were wearing crazy shirts in support of the political parties they were supporting for the upcoming elections. I'm not allowed to vote, and for the Belgians its not a right but an obligation. If they don't vote they get hanged, or fined or some form of punishment bestowed upon them. I prefer not having to since I don't know what anyone goes for anyone. All I know is that the dude that's supposed to be finding me a job is running and apparently that's how his particular party generally wins; by handing out jobs so people feel obligated to vote for them? I don't know, I don't care. gregorys fam is voting for him; I think I'd vote against him just because I haven't seen anything materialize yet!!!

this week has been a bit more eventful. I went to the werkwinkel, otherwise known as the workshop in English for a consultation with my werkwinkel helper guy that's been appointed to me. He helps people find jobs. Its a government run place and you also must go there if you're unemployed and receiving checks, which I am not but I AM unemployed and wish to work. So he helped me look for big wig names in the funeral business to help get my foot in the door and also set me up with a new course to take. So today I had to go to my first lesson. Unfortunately, I didn't know I was actually going to be attending class. A different man from another office called, and wrote an e-mail telling me to meet with this other woman in yet another location about the class and the class will start on October 2 blah blah. Ok so dimitri was kind enough to drive me to my 8.45am appointment this morning and was waiting outside when the woman says to me "yeah, take that seat there and you'll sit in on this class. la de da de" and I was like shit! I didn't know I was actually going to be taking the class today so I had to run downstairs and tell dimitri to pick me up in 2 hours! What a mess.
but the class went pretty good.

tonight I should be going to spinning with gregory's sister-in-law. We were suppose to go on Tuesday but that didn't happen; she's so unreliable with the dates. It makes me crazy. So cross your fingers I don't die tonight as its been a really super long time since I last went.
and those American donuts will do murder on your thighs.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Random thoughts for September

1. Its currently September 2nd and I still haven't turned my calendar over

2. ...Even though all month long I kept flipping over to look at September

3. My mom says if you turn the calendar to the next month before it actually is the next month you lose a friend. I guess I'm just being really caucious with my friends.

4. This is my last weekend in Belgium until the 23rd.

5. There will be a "huge awesome party" during my first weekend in the states, in gent, that I will be "missing". I don't care about the party as its being hosted by people that think they're the king shit.

6. Gregory is going to the party and is expecting to be very drunk

7...Even though last weekend he said he's never drink again *snort*

8. I plan to be very drunk at some point during my time in the states. Its a must.

9. I'm already planning my Halloween party

10. I have an awesome idea for gregory's and my costume

11. I never reveal my costume ideas to people who might steal them

12. Gregory is a little intimidated by my list of decoration ideas.

13. September 1, 2006 marked the first day my crazy old neighbor talked to me and the butcher lady talked to me.

14. The butcher lady knows I'm foreign (like my non west Flanders accent didn't give it away) because gregory's grandma goes there and she told her, and I expect gave a full description of me.

15. I don't mind conversating with her because she's pretty nice.

16. My crazy old neighbor on the other hand, I'm a little sorry I asked how he was doing. Because now he's being nosier than ever now that he knows he can ask his nosey questions about me to ME instead of Gregory (whose never been good at giving you the gossip information you want. I know. )