Thursday, October 25, 2007

Day of the dog/ around town


"the flash is so bright!"


after getting into muck. she looks bummed that i wouldnt let her inside

pretty puppy

jumping over the bushes

jumping back over the bushes

Around town:

wagon thingie

barbed wire


Tuesday, October 23, 2007


i forgot to post 2 other photos from saturday, mainly because they have nothing to do with pumpkin carving.

here you will see the first photo ever taken with this particular Nikon D40, and a picture from the end of the night:

roxy and gregory like to kiss

they start them early here in Belgium, how else do you think they get the reputation for having the best beer?
baby Daan on quality control in the kitchen

Sunday, October 21, 2007

new camera/pumpkin night

i got a new camera Saturday! its the Nikon d40! we got it on sale at a local store. apparently it normally comes with 2 lenses but this one only came with 1, hence the sale. but i still find it a good deal because i went into a camera shop a couple of weeks ago and asked how much it was and for 1 lens with it it was still a hundred euros more than this one. yay!

so last night there was a pumpkin carving thing going on at a church in Kortrijk. (Halloween is really picking up here more and more each year) they brought in 4 tons of pumpkins and gourds and you were encouraged to use your creativity to carve a pumpkin and they even had wooden dowels so you could make creatures out of you pumpkins. it was a blast! i had to hand over my new camera to Gregory because i was covered in pumpkin goo. here are some photos he took from the evening:



my nearly finished product

happy to be carving

giving people looks while carving

janne and me with our finished pumpkins

goblin kids!

more kids dressed up

pieter-jan and thomas NOT carving, but drinking beer

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Halloween survey thingie


What were you last year for Halloween?: dead bride because gregory wussed out and wouldnt be the beetlejuice to my lydia.
What are you going to be this year?: a fat drunk on the couch?
Favorite costume you have ever worn?: umm.. my pin-up costume that i made?
How do you spend your Halloween?: its different every year. i try to do something fun though
Are you or are you not going trick or treating this year?: HA! NO
Did or do you pull Halloween pranks?: nope
Do you believe in ghosts? I do
Are you superstitious? yes
Do you like caramel popcorn?: eww gross
Have you ever gone in the country to look for pumpkins? YES!!
Have you ever been on a hayride? yes!
Do you decorate your home for Halloween?: uh heck YES
Have you ever been to a haunted house?: plenty of made up haunted houses and the lizzie borden bed n breakfast which was def haunted. my old dorm building was also haunted as it was general shaw's estate (the duded that lead the 54th regiment in the civil war. theres your history lesson for today.)
Have you ever been to a graveyard on Halloween? yeah
Have you ever attended a Halloween party?: yepp
Do you watch scary movies on Halloween? I always watch scary movies
Have you ever had your candy stolen from you?: no
Did you ever steal any ones candy? probably my brothers
Has anyone ever gotten hurt due to your prank?: no pranks
Have you ever dressed as a witch/warlock?: I've NEVER been a witch
Are your parents into Halloween?: not really
Do you know someone who was born on Halloween? don't think so
HAVE YOU EVER:Passed out candy?: yep
Bobbed for apples?: yeah, its messy
Gone to a pumpkin patch?: yes!
Hosted a Halloween Party? yes!!
Attended a Halloween Party?: of course!!
Made pumpkin pie?: yes
Raked leaves?: yeah for fun and not for fun
Watched the Travel Channel with the Halloween specials?: wait..what? i didnt know they had that!
Amityville Horror?: yes
Halloween?: no
Last House On The Left? no
House Of Wax?: yes
Tales From The Crypt? yes
The Exorcist?: yes
Texas Chainsaw Massacre?: yes
Pumpkinhead?: no
The Sixth Sense?: yes
All or any of the Nightmare On Elm Street?: all!
Practical Magic?: pffft yeah!
Any or all of The Simpsons Halloween episodes?: yep
The Munsters?: love em
The Adams Family?: love em
Elvira?: heck yes!
The Lost Boys?: no
Contact?: no
Hocus Pocus?: yes
Edward Scissorhands?: *swoon* yes
Friday the 13th?: actually- no
Childs Play?: yes
The Shining?: yes
Salems Lot?: yes
Fright Night?: no