Sunday, October 21, 2007

new camera/pumpkin night

i got a new camera Saturday! its the Nikon d40! we got it on sale at a local store. apparently it normally comes with 2 lenses but this one only came with 1, hence the sale. but i still find it a good deal because i went into a camera shop a couple of weeks ago and asked how much it was and for 1 lens with it it was still a hundred euros more than this one. yay!

so last night there was a pumpkin carving thing going on at a church in Kortrijk. (Halloween is really picking up here more and more each year) they brought in 4 tons of pumpkins and gourds and you were encouraged to use your creativity to carve a pumpkin and they even had wooden dowels so you could make creatures out of you pumpkins. it was a blast! i had to hand over my new camera to Gregory because i was covered in pumpkin goo. here are some photos he took from the evening:



my nearly finished product

happy to be carving

giving people looks while carving

janne and me with our finished pumpkins

goblin kids!

more kids dressed up

pieter-jan and thomas NOT carving, but drinking beer

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