Wednesday, September 26, 2007

double dose of crazy

one of the old ladies that lives at my work has been particularly crazy the past 2 days. she's normally one of the normal ones that make you question how she landed herself on the dementia floor in the first place.

Now i know why.

yesterday, as i was making bed rounds, she stopped me before moving past her room and asked for a small, dark, plastic bag. i was pretty confused because we don't use such bags anywhere in the building. I asked her why she needed a bag and she said, as a matter of factly, that she needs the bag for when she wets herself. she needs someplace to put the wet pad.
OK then....
Like i said before, we don't use dark bags in the building so i began looking on my linen cart for something that could be used. i found a small plastic sack that had been holding such pads that she was referring to. it wasn't exactly dark, but certainly an opaque white with blue in it. so i handed it to her and she shook her head.
"no no no." it has to be a brown or khaki color, the color of my shit.

i blinked.
did i seriously hear her correctly?
i had a college with me and by her cracking it i think i did. mmmhmmmm...."the color of shit"
i had to disappoint her by saying i don't have any shit colored bags.

fast forward to today. i thought she was having a momentary laps of craziness but apparently it overflowed into today. i got through my entire bed making rounds, even talked to her at her room and all was normal, until i was putting everything away and she flagged me down and asked if i had a girdle for her.
she's never worn a girdle since I've been there. and she's skinny!

i think its just going to keep getting better.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

cleaning class

today i had to stay longer at work because a representative from the company where we buy our cleaning products came in to teach us the proper method in which we should be cleaning. (tomorrow I'll e learning how to serve people and even though i don't serve people at my cleaning job, and the fact that I'm suppose to leave at 12 because I'm working the weekend, i still have to be there from 1-4. yay.)

turns out i already clean pretty much in the acceptable manner whereas other ladies admitted they didn't. i was so surprised because Belgian ladies are always cleaning<; turns out, their point of view is "if the floor is clean then the room is clean!" which i already gathered from observing_____.i noticed before she spends SO much time cleaning the floor yet her house still looks dingy. its because she doesn't have time to bother with anything else after washing floors for hours.

while in the class the rep asked our previous working backgrounds. she wanted to know if we cleaned for a living in the past. i gave my answer and the head cleaning lady told the rep that "i don't speak dutch that good" i was furious! i hate when people feel the need to excuse me or apologise for me. other people aren't stupid. they can obviously tell that I'm speaking text book dutch and not a regional dialect which, by process of elimination, would make me a person not from Belgium.
i should be the only one who apologises or gets to lean on the excuse that its not my first language. but i wasn't in trouble. i answered correctly. the woman understood me perfectly. there was no need to point fingers at me.
its at times like that when i just want to smack the person. or yell at them. or just get up and leave. if my dutch is so damn bad for her to have to let the other person know then why was i in the class?
then i had to be the "special" one through out the class and be asked if i was following OK. like I'm a retard.
yeah. i felt good.

Monday, September 10, 2007


is it too early to start talking about Halloween?
i didn't think so.

i came across a book that i just HAVE to have!

by the creator of the infamous "puking pumpkin" and website, Tom Nardone has a new book out also titled Extreme Pumpkins

only 5left in stock. anyone feeling generous should buy it for me now ;)
I don't plan on having a party this year either, and instead really want to go here:
tickets are only 29 euros per person and if you ask me that's not toooooo expensive. i want to go for the big Halloween party on the 31st but i don't know if we can get the day off. I'll have to discuss it with Gregory but regardless i need to go! its not like anything else halloweeny is going on around here.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

I ZOO do YOU?!

Monday Gregory and i went to the zoo, as we both had a day off. it was awesome! the weather turned out in our favor for the most part; can't ask too much more than that from Belgium.

we took lots of pictures, so here are some of us for your viewing pleasure.


Gregory on the train to Antwerp

Me on the train to Antwerp

Antwerp station. it was built before the Eiffel tower! its so beautiful and exactly how i would picture a train station in the 1800s--only in black and white.
with the warm penguins
with the cold penguins
telling Gregory the camera is crooked..or am i calling him a loser?? you decide.
Its Belgium! explanation enough.
Gregory with a warthog
me with an elephant.
This was actually a garden with all red flowers and red benches and i wanted a picture in it because i too was dressed in all red, but Gregory didn't get the flowers in the photo. instead he got a trash can.
I found Nemo: