Wednesday, September 26, 2007

double dose of crazy

one of the old ladies that lives at my work has been particularly crazy the past 2 days. she's normally one of the normal ones that make you question how she landed herself on the dementia floor in the first place.

Now i know why.

yesterday, as i was making bed rounds, she stopped me before moving past her room and asked for a small, dark, plastic bag. i was pretty confused because we don't use such bags anywhere in the building. I asked her why she needed a bag and she said, as a matter of factly, that she needs the bag for when she wets herself. she needs someplace to put the wet pad.
OK then....
Like i said before, we don't use dark bags in the building so i began looking on my linen cart for something that could be used. i found a small plastic sack that had been holding such pads that she was referring to. it wasn't exactly dark, but certainly an opaque white with blue in it. so i handed it to her and she shook her head.
"no no no." it has to be a brown or khaki color, the color of my shit.

i blinked.
did i seriously hear her correctly?
i had a college with me and by her cracking it i think i did. mmmhmmmm...."the color of shit"
i had to disappoint her by saying i don't have any shit colored bags.

fast forward to today. i thought she was having a momentary laps of craziness but apparently it overflowed into today. i got through my entire bed making rounds, even talked to her at her room and all was normal, until i was putting everything away and she flagged me down and asked if i had a girdle for her.
she's never worn a girdle since I've been there. and she's skinny!

i think its just going to keep getting better.

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