Wednesday, September 05, 2007

I ZOO do YOU?!

Monday Gregory and i went to the zoo, as we both had a day off. it was awesome! the weather turned out in our favor for the most part; can't ask too much more than that from Belgium.

we took lots of pictures, so here are some of us for your viewing pleasure.


Gregory on the train to Antwerp

Me on the train to Antwerp

Antwerp station. it was built before the Eiffel tower! its so beautiful and exactly how i would picture a train station in the 1800s--only in black and white.
with the warm penguins
with the cold penguins
telling Gregory the camera is crooked..or am i calling him a loser?? you decide.
Its Belgium! explanation enough.
Gregory with a warthog
me with an elephant.
This was actually a garden with all red flowers and red benches and i wanted a picture in it because i too was dressed in all red, but Gregory didn't get the flowers in the photo. instead he got a trash can.
I found Nemo:

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