Thursday, August 30, 2007

scarey/bad news

Gregory and i got burglarized last night!

someone came in through the backdoor, which i had locked (turned the key) but i never checked to be sure it was properly secured. which it prolly wasn't because there was no forced entry.

Roxy never barked. didn't even peep which i find so weird out of this whole thing. apparently the lights were on and everything. was she too scared to make a noise? i find that hard to believe. was she in her sleep cycle where you don't wake up? i don't know, she must have been sleeping pretty good for her not to go nuts as the reached over her cage to a shelf above it. did they give her something? i don't think they'd have fingers left. its a mystery and Roxy will never tell us what happened to her bark during a critical moment.

Gregory on the other hand did wake up from the creak the gate blocking the living room to the kitchen makes. he woke me up to tell me he heard something, but anyone who knows Gregory knows he's super paranoid about life. i cant count how many times he "heard" something downstairs and went with something heavy in his hands to look. he's been trying to curb his OCD/ paranoia so when i told him "yes, i locked the door" and that he was just hearing things he listened to me; he never checked. i on the other hand didn't hear anything at all so i was sure he was being crazy (the boy who cried wolf?!) Gregory never really got back to sleep he said and when my alarm rang at 5.50 he went downstairs to check on Roxy who was whining. i was still brushing Gregory off, saying that Roxy was playing him and he shouldn't check on her.

turns out Gregory was right. someone had been in our house. they didn't take much, just rummaged through my purse, took my ipod and 10 euros and rummaged a bit through the living room. we're not sure why they didn't try to take anything. was it because they heard my loud grumblings of being woken up? maybe. so 6am the police were here and checking everything out while Roxy barked her head off. thanks Roxy, but i think you're a bit confused as to which team you're suppose to be rooting for!

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