Friday, September 29, 2006

i'm a total halloweenie

its just about october and i'm feeling the halloween countdown clock ticking. i feel so unprepared because i plan to have a party this year, and though i have a definate costume idea i dont have any of the pieces yet. my costume would be easy to make, just a quick trip to the fabric store. gregory's is a little more complex.

without going into detail he would need a suite, either a bald cap or an old mans type wig with thinning white hair. i also didnt get a chance (spent all my money on other things) to pick up some skeltons for decorations, or glow sticks like i wanted.

if aaaaaaaaanyone feels extra generous and wants to donate to the amanda's halloween fund feel free to donate an old suite of any color (it'll be dyed anyway) glow sticks, sketelons or a wig for gregory. oh yeah, and black hair spray for me. as i've dyed my hair black once and will not revisit the fiasco of getting it back to a normal color ever. again.

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