Wednesday, October 26, 2005

I Wear sneakers...for sneaking

Quote from the simpsons (my favorite)
Grampa: " Son, I've come to help you. I know who the Cat Burglar is."
Homer: "What?"
Marge: "Who?"
Bart: "Huh?"
Lisa: "What?'
Grampa: "Well, well, well! Before I was just too old and no one wanted my help. Suddenly, look who comes to old Grampa for - wait! Where are you going? Come back, I'll tell ya. He was right under my nose the whole time. He lives in my retirement home. His name is Malloy."
Lisa: "Wow! How'd you track him down, Grampa?"
Grampa: "Good question. On one of my frequent trips to the ground, I noticed Malloy wore sneakers, for sneaking. My next clue came just yesterday at the museum. We felt slighted by your age bashing and started home. Malloy said, 'I'll catch up with you.' [Malloy starts climbing the side of the building] I couldn't quite put my finger on it. There was something strange about the way he walked, much more vertical than usual. And finally, Malloy, unlike most retired people, has the world's largest cubic zirconia on his coffee table (hehehe i love grampa)

anyway, i too wear sneakers and they apparently are very good for sneaking. I gave my colleague quite a fright this morning. I didn't mean to enter so quietly but I did and he jumped half a mile. Mom always asked me "why do you always sneak into a room???" sorry mom! I don't mean to sneak around but I cant help it; its my sneakers.


iruvroo said...

That's a good one. Who did fright out of their skin?

mandee said...

Freddy got frightened. haha, poor guy. i think i saw his heart jump right out of his chest. my image apparently isnt working, but if you click where its supose to be, you can see the sneaky sneakers from the quote