Thursday, October 20, 2005

Brussels sprouts all the fun

How come everything fun happens in Brussels?? I don't want to hop on a train and travel 40 minutes to get somewhere just to meet people, but that's what it looks like I'm gonna have to do if I'm ever going to make any friends. The American woman's club is there, some xpat club is there. I look online and there are pictures of smiling faces and messages of "lets do that again some time!" and I wanna be apart of that too. I really don't understand why there's nothing like that in the city I live in.
I talked to one of gregory's friends yesterday and asked him if he knew of any place I could go to join a group and meet people n stuff, since he's lived in Gent for 8 years. He told me a few places to look but wasn't sure if any of them would be of help. I didn't look yesterday because he wouldn't let me leave his shop until he closed (he was bored) and I was just heading home anyway. Maybe he was trying to show me I was wanted since we were talking about lack of friends n all.

today I got my extension on my visa here (I've been an illegal alien for a little over a month now) the office in Brussels was behind on all their stuff so it was taking forever. I was getting a little worried I wouldn't get it before December, but alas my letter in the mail came telling me I was approved. In a few months we're going to have ANOTHER police officer come to our house to make sure we're STILL living together. We've already had 2. Let me tell ya, these frequent police visits are a pain in the ass.


Anonymous said...

Fall is a beautiful time...except it means that winter is not far behind. I don't want to be cold! I wish I could just stay at home for all these holidays & decorate the house...that's the part I like.
Are you supposed to mention that your illegal on these things, maybe you should keep that to yourself. hmmmmm.
Enjoy what you can, learn all you can, keep smiling! Love auntie Deb

mandee said...

maybe i shouldnt have anounced how i was illegal. but i'm not anymore so no one can do anything to me now muahahahhaa. it was ok, though because everyone at city hall knew i was illegal, i only harressed then forever for my new visa but they were behind in things so it wasnt my fault. yeah!

iruvroo said...

The one thing I hate is all the illegal aliens walking around. Who do they think they are? taking all our jobs and single men.( heeheehee). Traveling sounds like the only choice if you want to meet people. Maybe you'll meet someone on the train who is doing the same thing. and then you'll have met someone close. Good luck on your apple pie. all our love.
mom and dad