Friday, September 30, 2005

Happy 5th Birthday

Today is Xander and Matthijs' birthdays. They're twins and cute. They're going to a pony farm for the weekend?? I'm not exactly sure what you do at a pony farm for the entire weekend. I asked Gregory and he said "shovel shit" and then said they should have invited me along. Apparently without my knowledge Gregory "somehow" promised his brother that he would get the boys a DVD player so they can join their technologically advanced generation. But a DVD player for 5 year olds?????? I think its stupid. I don't think a 5 year old would appreciate the machine. I told Gregory I think it would be more appropriate if we had bought a DVD player for one of their parents celebratory dates and then get the boys DVD's to play on it but no Gregory insists he has to get his 5 year old nephews a DVD player to make up for all his BROTHER'S birthdays he failed to buy gifts for. So again, this doesn't look like a gift for the young children but for the grown ups. So off to fnac to look for a cheap DVD player since, "the boys will probably break it", a direct quote from Gregory, but there were no cheap DVD players there. They Do exist here in Belgium, I've seen them, not at the fnac but somewhere else. I think part of the problem was they're remodeling much of their electronics merchandise is not displayed. So I left. We currently have no gift for the children but its ok because they'll be pony-ing all weekend which still gives us time to purchase something.
hoorah for pony farms, a suitable place for 5 year olds

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