Saturday, September 24, 2005

but its ok

I went to upload a profile picture on here today. Turns out is next to impossible without using their little "hello" program. I downloaded it and tried to sign on and do all the wonderful picture things that can be done but alas, it wouldn't sign me in. "what the heck" I thought. So I went through the FAQ and it said proxy server=shit out of luck. Ok but I'm not using a proxy server. Belgium is pretty much behind a firewall. I think the internet people automatically have it so no matter what before you even do anything, you're behind a firewall. But I can upload picures into my blog posts so i guess all is well. Thats Greggerz n I just now. we're stupid looking but i guess thats normal for us so there we are in our stupid glory.
sallie mae is frustrating me. they didn't process my money correctly AGAIN. They're really beginning to piss me off.

yesterday I cut my hair. Its not great but at least I don't look like I have Charlie brown's Christmas tree hanging off the back of my head. It'll grow. That's my motto. It feels lighter and its not in my eyes so I guess all in all its better than what it was.

tonight Gregory and I are going to some girl's birthday party. Its at A...Club? I guess. Well, not her house anyway, I know that for sure. Its a 90's dance party. Get your groove on. Should be fun, I guess. Even though Gregory still doesn't know where in the city its being held so how we're gonna get our groove on tonight, I'm not sure. Plus I don't know what time we'll be leaving either. A friend of his said he's leaving at 12! I may sound like an old lady but I'm ready for the party to be dying down at 12 not starting. The doors open at 8 I don't know why we have to leave so late. I'll be ready for bed before we even get there.


iruvroo said...

the picture looks great! how short is your hair? did you just get a trim on the back? I don't know what to say about sallie mae, there IDIOT'S we sent a large note with the payment. Have fun at the 90's dance and be sure to get it on. didn't do much today, dad had a mtg at work Jess,Pat and I took the dogs for a walk. Great day today sunny fall day. We miss you beyound words. all our love to you and Gregory Mom and Dad

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