Tuesday, November 15, 2005


"which one is Simon and which one is Garfunkel?"

"Garfunkel is the one with the great, big, giant afro."

"Does that make Simon the one with the mustache?"

"I don't know if he has a mustache or not, but he's the less crazier looking of the two."

"So do you think Garfunkel is the rock?"

"Well, if he is I guess that would make Simon the island."

"an island kind of is a rock.."

"it depends on where it is, I guess. Not all rocks are islands. Plymouth rock isn't an island."

"it was until the boat hit it."


iruvroo said...

Plymouth rock was never a island. it was just a rock whose destiny was to become the lameist tourist attraction in the united states.

My question is who is the bridge and who is the troubled water??? :-)

mandee said...

haha i know plymouth rock was never an island but sometimes you have to stop the insanity somewhere. and it IS a stupid tourist attraction. good ting they hung onto that rock, eh.

and thats a good question mom! haha i'm not so sure i'd want to be known as "the troubled water" i guess its best kept a mystery