Thursday, November 24, 2005


Hope everyone is having a super awesome thanksgiving. I was suppose to have a mini thanksgiving dinner with an American friend but his wife is in Germany for the entire week and they asked if we could postpone it till next week. Bummer, huh. I was really looking forward to it. BUT even though they don't celebrate thanksgiving here, I put these pictures up to show that here too they kick the Christmas season off early. These we have a little tree hanging from our window!! And they're all over the city. They have lights strung up in the center aswell but I haven't seen them lit up yet. So here's to thanksgiving--the official day where you can break out your Christmas albums and get into the Christmas spirit.


Steph said...

Hi Mandy! I just peeled the plastic off of "Tis the Season, Christmas Piano" my new background music-Christmas style. You called it! I had yesterday off so I made wreaths and hung them up on the house with some pine rope on the porch as well. We got snow today, a decent amount too! So I"m glad I got my decorations up cause they look cool today. My neighbor has Halloween stuff up still, he looks tacky now! hehehe! I'll pass along some pics later on, Rusty's first snow (with us at least as a grown dog) which is funny. He went BANANAS today! Wish you were here for Turkey Day!

mandee said...

oh..your christmas music sounds elegant. i took out my New Kids On The Block "Merry Merry Christmas" album that gregory found at a yard sale during the summer.