Tuesday, November 22, 2005

It warms my heart

Our boiler has been broken for about 3 weeks now. It leaks everytime we use hot water. For this reason we haven't turned on our heat fearing that there might be a massive explosion of burst pipes our a small river through our house or even the complete breakdown of our boiler therefore not even having the opportunity to get warm by taking hot baths and showers.
WE CAN SEE OUR BREATH. Now, coming from a home where it was forbidden to touch the thermostat, and being constantly cold, my dad used to say "can you see your breath?" "no.." "then its not cold enough to turn it up" ok, fine. Add a few more layers. But what happens when you CAN see your breath and we cant turn on the heat?????? I learned you light as many candles as you can, wear a hat, 4 layers, 3 pairs of socks and slippers and still walk around like you're on an expedition in the arctic tundra.

well the repair man finally came today. Its still broken but we learned it only leaks when you turn the water on, its not the heating part. So he turned on our heat for us, cranked open all the radiators and turned on the thermostat and oh boy....OH BOY...The lovely intoxicating smell of the radiators burning the settled dust. Its heaven. The temperature is still pretty cold in here. 16°c, but it has been between 12-13°c sI'llll take 16 anydayButut now, wheI'm'm coldI i can just hug that radiator for dear life and let it pas its warmth into meLikekI'veve already done twice since the guy left a half hour ago.
life is good again.

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