Friday, November 18, 2005


today I'm wearing a pair of pants I haven't been able to fit into since before summer. I thought I'd try them on today to see if I've lost any weight. (that's my new way of measuring since I don't own a scale) any old pants that I've had before I moved I see how they fit differently than before, and since I gave away most of my old pants since most of them didn't fit me already before I moved, there's not much to go by. The pants that I wear regularly seemed to be a bit looser than normal so I wanted to see if I could fit into anything smaller and I CAN!! This has motivated me to work out more because they are a little tighter than what I would normally wear so now I have a goal. Maybe I'll be stunning for Christmas and then blow it all away with all the great, delicious, American holiday food.

three cheers for lost weight!


Steph said...

Hey good job! It must be nice to drop from a size 2 to a size 0 huh? Just kidding, any weight lost by anyone is an accomplishment. I'm hoping to get the energy to start walking Rusty more often and hopefully drop a few lb's, but I'm just so tired at night!! You'll be stunning this Christmas anyway!

mandee said...

haha i def was no longer a size 2!!! actually i think the pair of jeans i've just fit into are a size 2 so i guess i'm getting back to my normal weight. it was not normal when i actually could fit into a 0--those days are LONG gone. walking is good, thats all i've done is just walk more n every other day (starting this week) do exercises pulled out of a magazine, and they actually get me huffin n puffin! and thaaanks! i am stunning arent i ;P

iruvroo said...

Hay that's great news. I'm happy you have been walking and feeling better.
should i return x mas gifts??? maybe too big for you now?? ooght oohh
can't wait to see you !!!!
love mom and dad

mandee said...

NOWAY!! dont return anything. i havent lost THAT much weight. geeeeez