Monday, July 02, 2007

ABK on: bringing home the bacon

my first day at my new job; being a cleaning lady at a nursing home.
this week I'm on the first floor with people i don't know, and the rest of the 6 months will be on the second floor with Gregory's mom and her crew.
i haven't worked on the second floor yet, but from past experience with working inside i nursing home, i know that the floors go as followed: first= only slightly crazy old people, mostly mobile, pretty much self sufficient. second floor=demented old people who need loads of help. from my old job this is where you could expect to be scratched and bitten and other forms of abuse. third= Alzheimer's and severely demented old people.
so on account of that, i don't want to work on the second floor. working on the first was pretty OK today. we had to help pass out the food trays which is something i used to do as a nursing assistant so that wasn't so bad. i then began to clean every room. on Mondays and Fridays they do a more thorough cleaning. so we had to take everything off of shelves and dust and wash everything which was a pain in the ass because all the old people have about 10,000 pictures and other knick-knacky things. i was told the people on the second floor don't have as much furniture/things because they're demented. i guess dementia patients don't like looking at things.
not too much to report on the day. it was all the same. dust furniture, swiffer the floor, wash toilet, wash sink and shelf and whatnot in bathroom, empty trash, run a mop over the floors.
the day went by fast and the people were nice. the old people were pretty friendly as well.
i was told i have a nice name. its funny because my name is pretty common back home but here no ones heard of it before, so much in fact, alot of people confuse my last name for my first name because my last name they have heard of as a name. i argue with Gregory that my last name would be a man's name but even that name is foreign enough that people don't know that its only for boys. heck, they name girls Benedict over here, what do they know?

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