Monday, June 25, 2007

weekend recap

  • Friday night was spent playing games with janne and Thomas at their place. it was a low key evening but still loads of fun

  • Saturday was spent running errands most of the day. it was janne's birthday and she was having a party in the evening. we spent most of the time looking for a present for her

  • the original store we were going to get something from, a store she loves, had relocated but hasn't reopened yet.

  • we felt doomed and were forced to search around.

  • be braked for lunch in the middle of the day still empty handed. we ate at a soup and sandwich bar.

  • best.soup.ever. the sandwich was pretty good too.

  • feeling refreshed, we continued on our pursuit for a gift. we finally decided on getting a gift certificate at a sporting good store, because we knew she needed/was planning on buying things there and then a little something quirky from an antique store to round out the originality of the gift.

  • we ended up getting her a beautiful set of deer book ends from the antique store and i was very jealous of them.

  • her party was fun. lots of food, good friends and a fire late in the evening.

  • theres nothing better than cool summer nights around a fire.

  • Sunday was spent sleeping most the day. it rained the entire day and was very depressing.

  • we gave Roxy a bath and now she's fluffy and squeaky clean.

  • we went to the 8pm showing of shrek 3. it was hilarious! i didn't think it would be totally awesome, being the third and all. but it was really good! we had such a great time watching it and eating nachos.

  • the rest of the evening was spent all 3 huddled up on the couch watching bad TV.

  • although, i did learn where, when, how and why silly putty was invented.

  • thank you history channel.

some pictures from janne's party:

my white trash news paper wrapped gift

strawberry flavored rice krispie treats with candy sprinkles on top. not tastey.

gregory and thomas feasting on sanwiches. jk-their making sandwiches

gregory enjoying the fire

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