Thursday, June 21, 2007

readjusting to Belgian time

after two weeks in the mother land, it was time to return to Belgium. i always seem to have a hard time readjusting to Belgium time. i usually nap in the middle of the day, even after going to bed early and sleeping in late. this time i put in a serious effort to just get used to the time, like I'm able to do in America.
the first few days while in America i awoke at 4am and the had a full productive day, retiring to bed around 10pm. once i became accustomed to the time i began waking at 7.30-8am. a perfect time, if you ask me-not too early, not too late.
so back in Belgium its been 5 days and I'm still screwed up! though I've been waking up at a "normal" hour (around 8am) and going to bed around 11-11.30, I'm still bone tired. 11 comes around and I'm not tired, I've been sleeping terrible so by the time morning arrives all i want to do is sleep! last night we hit the hay about 12pm and no matter how hard i tried i couldn't pull myself up when i was suppose to. 9.10am rolled around and Gregory had to get up to make it for work. i lingered in bed a few minutes longer, only to move to the couch. i napped until 10am! this is not what i had in mind at all!
i was hoping to return and get right back into the swing. i had goals to be very ambitious, waking early to walk Roxy, do my chores with plenty of time left over for other things. but it hasn't happened that way at all. I've been walking Roxy in the middle of the day, doing some chores and i haven't even made it to the gym. never mind the gym, i haven't gone to class yesterday or today. though yesterday wasn't entirely my fault, Gregory's car wouldn't start but i reeeeally didn't want to go anyway.
i hope next week will be better.


beth said...

The mother land misses YOU!!!!!

aunt pat said...

Ya, the Auntie land misses you too!!!