Wednesday, May 30, 2007


our long weekend was no fun!

we had a communion on sunday and gregory and i were fighting the WHOLE time (practically). he got drunk and i..tried. i got a headache instead.

the rest of the weekend was a blurr so i guess there wasnt anything exciting to report.

so instead here are some pictures from a better, more eventful weekend.

enjoy n stuff!

bowling is serious business!

gregory and janne

me and thomas!

me and gregory. i have my tongue positioned in the concentration mode. my arm wasnt quite long enough to take the picture well


me and roxy, working it in the park.
workin it is hard, resting after walk.
being so good!
doing the mashed potato? or working out. i forget what dumb thing i was doing.
we love icecream. gregory a little too much.

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