Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Gregory and i have decided to give the all-bran detox challenge a go. if William Shatner says its great, then it must be true, right?
so last night we went grocery shopping and headed straight for the cereal aisle. we needed to read the rules to be sure to do it right. we bought 2 boxes of all-bran. all-bran choco and fruit n nut all-bran. we decided that even though we're chocolate people, after 10 days of eating all-bran perhaps we'd get a bit tired of the chocolate version. we also bought lots of fruit, we were suppose to buy lots of veggies too but we didn't.
this was our first morning on the detox challenge. we had our bowl of bran this morning and i sent Gregory off to work with his 1.5liters of water and a banana. later in the day we are to have some yogurt with some bran mixed in as well.

about 5 minutes after eating the cereal i already had to go to the toilet. and having more bran later in the day?! needless to say we're a little nervous of the outcome. i think the real challenge lies in trying to NOT live in the bathroom!

we're looking forward to being lighter, more energetic versions of ourselves as William S promises. i thought it was a great way to get ready for all that American food!

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