Friday, May 04, 2007

mop mop mop, all day long

this evening the land lady is coming over to finally look at our roof. we had terrible leaking problems in the veranda in the WINTER. It hasn't even rained at all in April. not once. in the entire month of April, Belgium, the land of rain and gloom and everything gray didn't rain one drop. And now, after a warm spell of 80+ weather she decided its a good time to get someone to look at our roof. and of course the only time available she can come is a Friday evening at 8pm. and because she's the best land lady in the entire world she's evening having her boyfriend come Saturday morning to do some masonry work to the house. don't ask if we have plans or anything, don't ask if we mind our weekend being shot to hell.

so anyway, I've been pretty slack in the house cleaning department. it gets kind of depressing after a while and i let it go to the shitter. but now she gave us 1 days notice I've been using all my free time to clean the place. even though i hate her rudeness it did give me a reason to get off my duff and clean. goals are good. having a clean house before 8pm is a great goal. the entire downstairs is now sparkling. Roxy's taking a nap after helping me (aka: bark at me while i vacuum and mop the floor) and I'm taking a short break before beginning on the upstairs of the house. when Gregory gets home this evening he'll be washing down the patio and I've delegated him to clean the downstairs toilet.
this will be her first time seeing the house while we've inhabited it which is why we're going a little nutty on cleaning. we've done alot to fix up the house and we hope it shows. and if she says anything negative I'll let Roxy chew her to pieces!

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V-Grrrl said...

I need to mop, mop, mop all day long instead of type, type, type all day long.