Tuesday, May 01, 2007

weekend/holiday update

  • Friday night we went to the skate park where there was a barbecue. it was quite nice but the air was a bit too chilly at night to be sitting outside.
  • Saturday was very warm and not too much got done. we stayed inside for most of the day with all blinds down and a fan blowing on us.
  • Sunday morning we got up bright and early to bring Roxy to puppy class. she was brilliant!
  • she made a friend at puppy class and the trainers we impressed with how well she played with the other dogs.
  • they also saw remarkable improvement with her relationship with people as well.
  • after class we went to Gregory's grandparent's house and she ran around and didn't try to bark or bite anyone there as well. she was an angel.
  • Sunday evening we got an urgent call from Gregory's grandfather. his cow was giving birth.
  • we ran over to help.
  • the vet came shortly after us.
  • the cow got a c-section. apparently cows deliver badly and its just common practice to give all cows c-sections.
  • there are alot of cows around Belgium with c-scars right now.
  • the cow gave birth to a baby BOY we were all "awwww"
  • Gregory got the cool job of holding the forceps while the vet stitched her up.
  • i wasn't jealous after i saw his clothes all splattered with blood.
  • after the vet had gone we moved the calf in to be with his mother and as we were all looking in on them waiting to see the new loving bond between mother and baby-WHAM! the cow kicked its baby in the head twice and them stomped on its head.
  • you know those stress balls in the shape of a face and when you squeeze it the keys eyeballs pop way out of its head? that's what i saw in my mind.
  • turns out the cow didn't want us watching her and later that evening they bonded and the baby is doing well.
  • Sunday night we went to a a small concert show where we sat outside with billions of people and drank and listened to music.
  • my friend Janne was very drunk and silly.
  • we weren't drunk, but a little silly. it was a fun night and was too hard not to feed off others drunkenness.
  • Monday Gregory had no work so he did some work in the yard. then Dimitri came over with his daughter and some Chinese food.
  • Janne also stopped by with some mcflurries for us!
  • we did a bit of shopping in Kortrijk. theres a position open part time in the coolest store in the city. I'm gonna apply for it.
  • later we had dinner at Janne's house with her sister and boyfriend, Thomas. we made pasta salad and everyone enjoyed it.
  • last night we went out. i really wanted to go dancing but surprisingly alot of bars were closed even though today is a national holiday and nobody has to work. you'd think the bar people would want to capitalize on people not having anything/anywhere to go the next day.
  • we had a drink at a bar and then next door to it a new bowling alley/pool hall/restaurant/bar place . we bowled a couple rounds. i won the second round which never happen.
  • we had quite a lot to drink and at 2.30 i still wasn't ready to go home, but since Kortrijk is 15km from home and we had bikes Gregory wanted to go.
  • it was for the best, I'm sure. it wasn't sooo bad but theres a couple of hard hills that made it difficult.
  • it made me a little sick. i spit up a bit when i reached home. which was also probably for the best. i hardly had a hang over this morning.
  • since theres nothing open today we've been very lazy, which we kind of planned for with our late night. we've been dozing all day and just hanging around.
  • we love holidays!

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V-Grrrl said...

Gah, I'm still getting over the cows getting c-sections on a regular basis, not to mention the calf getting stomped. If he grows up to be a cow psychopath, we'll all know why. Troubled relationship with Mum. "I was kicked in the head! Twice!"

Yeah, and I so miss places being open on holidays. Belgians like to stay home when they get a day off and the Americans are all "Let's go shopping! Let's go out to eat! Let's grab some drinks!"