Thursday, April 12, 2007

Pin cushion Queen

Life isn't easyfor the Pin Cushion Queen.
When she sits on her throne
Pins push through her spleen.
from the book "The Meloncholy Death of Oyster Boy" by Tim Burton
Today Roxy dog went to the vet. why you ask? because when no one was looking she stole the pin cushion on a side table, ran outside with it and ate it. shredded it really i should say. i found lots of pins on the ground but who could really be sure if she ate any or not? so gregory called the vet, who wasnt there and was referred to someone else and brought to have pictures taken of her insides.
she was apparently really badly behaved, trying to bite the vet. the vet gave her a sedative to calm her down and she apparently resisted sedation and kept trying to bite the vet. we havent picked her up yet so its unsure wether he is still alive or not.
dont worry though, she didnt eat any pins.

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