Thursday, June 21, 2007

domesticated living

Gregory hates broccoli but i had bought some and was determined to get him to eat it. i didn't want to do the ole "drown it in cheese" standby so i looked up a new recipes on
i found one without cheese in it, looked simple, and i already had the ingredients.
it was a "garlic sauce" but i didn't taste too much of the garlic in it because the soy sauce over powered it. that's rice, soy sauce as well. it also included brown sugar, white vinegar, butter and pepper.
it looked a little crazy so i was afraid it wasn't going to be good but Gregory loved it! and so did i.
with it i had also made breaded chicken for him and breaded scampi for me.
it was a delicious lunch if i do say so myself.

Gregory and i are trying to eat more healthy, and though with the sauce and bread this wasn't the healthiest meal on the planet, but i was still proud because i was trying to come up with something creative and i think i accomplished that. it wasn't just a chicken breast on top of rice with green beans. this week alone Gregory and i have eaten more vegetables in quantity and in variety than we have in any other given week. we usually have alot of starch with our meals be it pasta, rice or potatoes; whatever it is, its usually the staple of the meal. we've been trying to eliminate as much starch as we can which has been extremely hard considering that's all we ever eat! we haven't done ok this week i think. i think we can do better though. but for dinners I've been adding 2 vegetables instead of a starch and both of us agree that we don't even miss the potato or rice or what have you.

in other news, Gregory finally called the vet about Roxy, who had been in heat for about 5-6 weeks. apparently, in Belgium, pets don't get sterilized until after their first heat cycle anyway, which i think is very weird. so Gregory told her how long she was in heat for and the vet said that she should be sterilized if it had gone on that long, because sometime down the road she could have complications. which made me glad that the vet told Gregory it should be done for health reasons anyway because , it not being very common in Belgium to sterilize pets, i think he was feeling a little weird about it. they're not allowed to be fixed until 2 months after the first heat cycle, so the end of august she'll be ready to have surgery. it'll cost 300 euros! no wonder its not so common, it costs a small fortune!

we'll finally be able to return to puppy school on Sunday. her manners are starting to go down hill so she needs it.
i let her go to a field last night to run and when i called her back she didn't listen and instead ran further away. she needs to relearn to listen when we tell her to come for sure!

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