Tuesday, July 03, 2007


i speak dutch at my new job. its not very good, but i speak it none the less. i don't talk a lot to people because in the time it take for me to thing of something to say, or retort, the moment has usually past. i have talked a bit with the old people and by the end of the day i wondered how i got past an entire day with only one old person knowing i was from America. i wasn't even the one who told her, it was the person i was working with how ratted me out.
all the old people speak dialect and i certainly don't and i thought they would have found it weird.
today was the same..almost.
i made it through the entire day with no one raising an eyebrow at me. until the last room. 5 minutes before i was leaving, i was talking to one of the old people, as i was leaving her room she finally noticed that something was off with me so she asked
"you don't speak kortrijk?" meaning, i don't speak the dialect from the city.
"no" i said and told her i was from America.
she was so surprised. she was all holy cow! I'm seeing a real American girl right here. and she asked why i was here and she just kept acting flabbergasted.
i found it funny. there are 2 old ladies that i have spoke more to than this particular one who found me out and they haven't even questioned my accent or my lack of dialect or anything.
i wonder if i can get through the week without everyone knowing?

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