Thursday, July 05, 2007

Life is full of surprises..

as i wrote the other day of the Belgian's often mistaken my last name for my first, i thought they were all just crazy. I've always known it as a man's name, and thought the world would perceive it as that as well. but then again, i always thought Benedict was a man's name and Kelly a woman's but I've been proven wrong on both those accounts as well.
today i was proven wrong once again.

after work i was waiting in the Director's office to give him a few papers he needed to complete my work file. a girl had come in after me and we were waiting patiently together. after i was able to speak to the director, he then called the next girl in, calling her by name, which happens to be my last name. i think i stopped in my tracks for a moment. it was like a sign. a sign showing me how ass backwards Belgium is for one, and for two, showing me that they're not stupid, just confused.
i guess Gregory was sparing himself of an endless argument when he just agreed that it's a man's name. he never told me they call girls that here. he probably knew I'd scoff at him and all of Belgium.
i should go tell him the story right now so i can still scoff at him and all of Belgium.

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