Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Weekend recap

this weekend was one of the best i've had in a long time!

  • friday night was the first kick off to a weekend as a working girl in over a year!

  • it had to be done right. we went to a fesitval in the next village over.

  • we rode our bikes because we were planning on drinking heavily.

  • and we did just that. 3 cocktails and 2 beers, i was wasted and it was time to go home.

  • turns out we werent well fitted to be riding our bikes anymore.

  • while pedaling on an unlit bike path through fields, we both fell. i, gently, and what felt like in slow-motion, tipped over sideways while gregory toppled over frontways and landed on his knee.

  • he's ok now. he took one for the team that night. all in a nights partying.

  • saturday, after visiting his parents and gregory showing his nephews how to ride a skateboard (and me noticing his knee was good enough for skateboard tricks) we went to what is known as Bellegem woods. i think its the only woods around for..half the country.

  • roxy loved it. we only let her off the leash for 5.3 seconds because gregory was nervous.

  • she ran off the path a little bit but she came right back after we called her.

  • we found 2 ticks on her. but according to gregory ticks dont exist in belgium. musta been pretend ticks.

  • sunday evening we had a barbeque and i ate a small sausage. it was good.

some pictures from the weekend:

pretending to smoke

drunk! i think i'm ripping off gregory's lip.

the morning after. Roxy is supporting gregory in a nap

helping gregory sleep.

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