Thursday, January 04, 2007

it's time

i've been growing my hair out and i dont think its doing me any justice anymore. i think my best look has always been when my hair was chin length but i love love love cutting my hair short for some reason. here are two looks i'm thinking of:

i really love the first one. and the second, i like the shape but would probably have it a bit shorter. which do you think i should go for?


aunt pat said...

The first one could be considered similar to a style you have tried before(?). Both would look good on you. The second one looks like a bob- cut which is straight, one lenght and short. The first one is short but has layers cut in. So really it's a matter of you wanting layers or not. If you really want to go for it-
try the first!
Good Luck!

Steph said...

I always liked you with short hair, you pull it off well. And I think it'd be a much easier cut to do every day. Think of all the blow drying and straightening you'd need to do to get your hair like the second cut! Your natural wave would help the first cut, go for it!! :)