Thursday, January 11, 2007

Home schooling

The trouble with teaching yourself stuff is that there's no one around, who knows what they're doing, to tell you that you're doing it wrong.

I've been knitting lately. With the sales that are going on ( Belgium only has sales twice a year, far different from sale!sale!sale! America) I bought some new yarn, a couple new needles so I can branch out from knitting things only in 4mm and a knitting magazine (even though I didn't buy enough yarn to complete anything in the magazine, I'm just trying to stock up on supplies) Gregory checked out one of the colors of yarn I picked and exclaimed he wanted a hat. suuuure, no problem! Seeing as how the only thing I ever completed was a ribbed scarf.
last year when I had just taught myself how to cast on stitches and do the boring ole garter stitch I decided I was going to try to knit Gregory a hat. Pretty bold of me, I know. Things seemed to be going pretty good with it but after a enough rows where I could kinda try it on, I noticed it was HUGE as it didn't even go on my head at all but rather fell straight to my neck. Needless to say I gave up on the ginormous hat. So today I began trying again. I have some round needles already from my first failed attempt and I bought a smaller size today just to have around.

so I'm knitting and I casted on all 132 stitches and I knitted myself up the first row till the end and then I couldn't remember. Do I turn the needles around or just keep on going! So I checked out my stitch n bitch reference guide to see if it said anything about knitting in the round. It did. It says you cant use needles with a diameter larger than circumference of the garment you're knitting. OHHHHHHH.....So that means last year (before I owned the book) when I was trying to knit a 60 cm hat onto 80cm needled that's the reason why it was ginormous?????!! Ok, thanks.
but of course I didn't read that before I had bought more round needles and though they are smaller I'm still unsure if it'll work. The garment will be 60cm and the needles are also 60cm does that mean the hat will still be too huge? Do I throw in the towel now or try it to find out?

where's grandma when you need her??????????

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