Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Blood, sweat and tears

While living in America I was a fairly regular blood donor. I like giving blood. I don't mind needles. I think its fun to watch myself fill up a bag. I feel good knowing that I've helped someone, I feel good knowing that my blood can help anyone, being a universal donor and all. I liked the stickers they gave you "Be Nice to Me, I Gave Blood Today!" and I enjoyed the cookies and juice at the end of it all.

lately, I've been missing the feeling of goodness and after a couple of times of seeing a sign come and go for a blood donation day I felt it time to make a point of going. And last night I went and donated blood. I figured I might try to take over the world, one blood donation at a time throughout the entire world mwahaha. No seriously, I just like to help.
Gregory drove me and I told him to stay near just in case I needed help with all that blood, aids, "have you been to the jungles of Africa and contracted some crazy disease in the last 6 months" jargon-type questions. So when it was time for me to fill out my questionnaire he in fact was helping me and we got scolded for it. I was suppose to fill it out by myself in secret. But back in Massachusetts ( perhaps every red cross volunteer center has their own way of doing things) we just filled out the questionnaire while in the waiting seat, shoulder to shoulder with the rest of the potential donors, so I figured that part didn't need to be in secret, just the secret baled with the question "yes or no--do YOU think your blood is safe to use? Be honest now, it doesn't really matter what you say because we're gonna test you blood anyway but why don't you just safe us the trouble and let us know if you're skanky straight up" anyway, I got a special English card to finish off my questions.
now here's where things get a little different, in MA they give you a finger prick and test your blood to see if you have enough iron to donate. One of the hoops I was anticipating so I was sure to eat my spinach last night. They never tested me. I instead, they gave me iron pills to take after donating! How weird. I think I prefer knowing that my iron level are good instead of taking pills that could potentially block me up, as the doctor stated. And since I have a pretty sensitive system I don't really want to take anything that I know beforehand will block me up. I took one right afterwards but I have no intentions of taking anymore. My iron level have always been great even when I was vegan.

the volunteer redcross phlebotomist was excellent with her needle! It didn't hurt even the slightest! However, she was a bit stupid because my blood "just stopped" and she couldn't figure out why, and the other volunteer who manned the bags of blood was all "umm, yeah that's because you have the dial on locked and when she opened it WHOOSH blood came rushing out of the broken dam. It all went well. Filled up my bag AND instead of cookies and juice they give you a ticket to get a free drink at the bar and also some little bar code sticker that gets you a free small gift. I got shower gel. It went really well and I think I'll do it again in the near future.
on a different note, last night in the mail we got this:
here's my super translated version:
it's a promotional ad for a new ironing service. They come to your house to iron for you. (sound familiar mom?) mom had once suggested I make up flyers and send them to neighbors saying "yo! I'll do your ironing and shit like that for you because your country doesn't want to give me money or give me a job-whatd'ya say????" and I told her yeah I iron but I don't think I'm particularly good at it that I would iron other peoples clothes for money. Well some bitch stole my mother's brilliant idea! Only took it a step further and turned it into a professional business. If that bitch is reading now: I hope you drop an iron on your foot!

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