Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Let's go fly a kite!

last night was perfect kite flying weather. unfortunatly dimitri's backyard was not perfect kite flying grounds, with the trees, powerlines and general house stuff for the kite to get caught in. we managed for a little while, though. the next time it gets windyenough we're going to a field by our house that is perfect for kite flying because theres nothing in the way.

gregory's grandpa gave me this super awesome kite thats superly old. gregory flew it as a child, as did his dad! its of an indian and the kite has the loooongest tail, which is the indian headdress. or is it impolite to say indian these days? i think they're going with "first nation's people." yeah so i have a first nation person kite. (indian sounds cooler)

i tried to have pictures taken but, as we were flying it after 10pm, it was a bit too dark for good pictures. i have a few that i was able to brighten up:

silly pictures:

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