Thursday, August 10, 2006

feeling: scared

theres either an insanely huge rat trying to gnaw its way through the wall, a ghost making a bunch of racket, or my neighbor doing something crazy on the other side. but let me tell you, theres alot of unexplained, scary sounds coming from my wall. and if its my neighbor, i should throw meatballs at his back door. because before i figured out the area of the sound i thought for sure someone had broke into my back door and was making alot of noise throughout my house. if its an insanely huge rat..i'll just arm myself with bug repelant (the only available thing thats highly poisonous and conviently packaged into an airisol can) and a high stool until the boy comes home to save the say. if its a ghost: well, lets just hope it isnt, ok.

1 comment:

V-Grrrl said...

Maybe it's an escaped hamster--cute and cuddly and trying to be your friend.

I'm trying hard here---