Monday, August 28, 2006

90's and today

I know history happens all around us every day and has been doing so since time began, but it just feels like its happening so fast these days. I think about the future and think how funny things will sound to my grandchildren. I can tell them about the time where there wasn't a "digital world" (no digital TV, no digital cameras) when they first came out with disposable cameras, and then underwater disposable cameras and then digital disposable cameras. before 1 hour photo processing. when video games were new, when a car phone-a phone literally plugged into your car was a HUGE deal and no one had cell phones. People knew how to use pay phones (and a local call was only 10 cents), and also how to use a card catalog in the library. When we didn't have computers at home as a young child and they weren't introduced into the classroom until 6th grade. Before ipods, when walkmans first came out. A little thing called vhs and the cassette tape. The day we no longer had a world trade center. A time where Pluto was once considered a planet and the day they decided it wasn't. A time where you couldn't travel into space unless you were an astronaut (but were in the works of making it happen) when flying in a plane wasn't scary and you didn't have to worry about people sticking explosives up their butt and blowing everyone up.

the future is going to be CRAZY! I can't wait to see what else lies ahead.

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