Friday, August 11, 2006


I just found out about the terrorist threats that happened in London yesterday. wonderful that I'm flying to London to Boston, eh.

apparently in London there are no carry on bags allowed anymore. Does this include purses? Because if so I'll be pissed. You cant carry any liquids on, including toothpaste and cream! Or have any bottles of any kind!! So when I'm dying of thirst I can no longer reach into my carryon and pull out that bottle of water. when I think my skin might fall off I can no longer put lotion on. I think if they're going to ban this stuff they need to invent a new way for people to stay hydrated and moist on a plane.

in all seriousness though I think that's really scary. Those crazy terrorists keep thinking of new ways to bomb planes. I don't understand why though. What happened to the days where people flew for pleasure, not for killing people?

pretty soon no one is going to be able to bring anything on a plane with them. Everyone will have to be stripped down of their clothes and handed an airport issued, disposable jump suite with feet (like feetie pj's) and perhaps after a while of that, they'll loosen up and hand out little free sample size of vaseline. Maybe those evian spray bottle thingies. All kind of free sample toiletries you can purchase for a one time use. There will be bathroom monitors. But I guess you risk someone shoving some kind of explosive up their butt, and since their suicide bombers anyway, they could always still take a shit and blow the plane up that way.


V-Grrrl said...

Oh Amanda, I hadn't even thought of the bombs up the butt concept. Soon airport security will involve lots of rubber gloves! ewww!

My husband is supposed to fly to the States this weekend for a two week business trip....He's worried about trying to travel with his laptop. He's speaking at a conference and can't lose the laptop!

But as depressing as this is, it's not as bad as what *could* have happened. Perspective.....

steph said...

Weird, just this morning I said to Justin why do people have to do this crap, people used to take pleasure in flying back in the day when it was new and they'd get all dressed up and get on the plane. Odd that you thought of that too...

I'm nervous about Justin flying home from Germany at the end of the month, but he's not stopping in the UK. One thing to think of, they did STOP this attach in London, which means they're doing their job and its working. It creates huge inconveniences but at least they caught them before it was too late.