Saturday, August 26, 2006

Better Home and garden

This past week has been insanely hectic. As gregory's 1 week holiday he decided that instead of going to the south of France, Spain, Portugal,or even the ardennens, he would do home improvements. I agreed because I too wanted that poo-poo brown color gone asap, even though I would have preferred staying in our friends house by the beach in the south of France for free with free food and drink but whatever.

day1: thrift shopping for new furniture. Found the perfect coffee table and a small lamp aswell. 2 gold mirrors for a look we're going for in the living room and even a couple of trinkets for my little sewing room/spare bedroom (that has no spare bed) lunch. nap. DIY store for paint n shit. Other visits here and there. 7pm: begin 1st coat of paint in the living room. 12am: fall into bed.

day2: 2nd coat of paint first thing after breakfast and dragging gregory's near lifeless body out of bed. Tried to go to a place called depo-rama because we're looking for a "L" couch but we cant find the right one. But depo-rama is closed until september3. Belgian's and their insane holidays. Few hours later 3rd coat of paint.

day3: 4th and final coat of paint to nicely cover all the poo-poo brown. Went to other thrift stores but didn't find anything appealing. Pealed off the paper on the chimney. It left a mess. Decided we needed the help of gregory's dad to patch up the mess. That wouldn't be until the next day. Went out for a drink instead of doing more work.

day 4: pretty exhausted. Cranky all day. Visited gregory's dad's house and grandfather's house to gather supplies to prepare the chimney for new wallpaper. Drive to gent to go to a wallpaper store that sells retro 70's print. Pick out paper. Visit 2 clothing stores and get nothing for me! Buy a stupid CD for Gregory. Go home. Sleep on the ride back. Not long enough. Watch a movie at dimitri's and fall asleep on his couch. Go home at 1.30am

day 5: slept till 10.30am. it was aweome. Gregory and his dad put up sheet rock or whatever for the chimney. I did girlie chores like putting my kidie pool away and washing bathrooms n stuff. Gregory went to the skate park to get drunk (considering how he is on holiday n all) didn't come home till 2am. I was pissed. He puked and I was glad.

day 6 (today): STILL putting shit up for the chimney (how many men does it take to fix 1 tiny wall?) I went to spinning. It was hard today, the last 20 minutes the lady didn't stop at all and I thought I was going to dehydrate and turn to dust right there. But I didn't. I made it and sucked down all my water at the end. Got home and the paper STILL isn't put up, surely this afternoon I'm told. Gregory sitting on his ass while the house is a disaster. Couldn't be bothered to pick up I suppose.

and that's been my crazy week with Gregory home. Oh yeah, this was also suppose to be "crazy Dutch week" but we only made it through 2 1/2 days of consistent non stop Dutch talking.

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