Monday, February 13, 2006

Let it Snow, etc...

Yesterday it snowed here. I heard there was a nor'easter over in Massachusetts aswell. Our snow certainly wasn't a storm, but to Belgian standards it was a lot..It covered the ground! What a mess though, very slushy snow. Fun to watch though.

last night Gregory and I also went to see "Walk the Line" with our friend Els. What an excellent movie! And for anyone who has seen it, and doesn't know, both Reese witherspoon and the dude who played Johnny cash had to learn how to sing for the movie, and from watching Oprah I know that Reese tried getting out of doing the movie because she would had much preferred lip syncing. Well for people who couldn't sing or play instruments they did an AWESOME job. Really worth a watch. Though be warned, it is 2 hours 20 minutes long. Another highlight to last night is that Belgium FINALLY came out with salty popcorn!!! Boy was I in heaven. They had a "menu" option. A menu in Dutch is the same a value meal in English. So I got a "normal" popcorn with SALT and a "normal" soda. My salty popcorn had a few handfuls of sugary popcorn in there but whatever, it was still good to eat tasty popcorn at the theater.

Saturday night I went to a lingerie home sale. There's this girl, Muriel, who designs, makes, sells her own lingerie. I think she's even sold to people such as pink. Her company name is
lafilledo <-click to see her website. she makes really nice stuff. you can browse her products here I think for the summer I want to get a bathing suit from her. Perhaps the "crazy" bikini shorties paired with the "dream" push up bikini top. OR if she has a new line out maybe something diffrerent. we run in the same crowd so i can always just go over to her house and buy something there rather than at a store. i think it would be better to ask the designer herself how things look on you than a store clerk anyway.

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