Tuesday, February 07, 2006

(almost) free dinner

last night Gregory and I had dinner at our friend els' house along with our other friends, Laurent, laurance, Colin and Eveline. It was good and fun. We had a vegetarian lasagna. Gregory didn't much care for it, he complained (to me) that it didn't even have meat in it. But seriously, he was the only meat eater at the table, what does he expect?! It had carrots, onions, sunflower seeds and sesame seeds along with a tomato cream honey sauce (the only thing Gregory liked about it) and only cheese on top, so it wasn't a big ole cheese bomb either. I thought it was really good. And then for dessert I had made cookies and Colin and Eveline brought over a chocolate mouse cake. Now, the dessert is where the ALMOST free dinner comes in. I had planned, and tried to make banana bread. It was perfect for me because I had just enough ingredients to make it, and that's why I chose banana bread. But as I posted yesterday it went horribly wrong. So I had to go out to the store and buy more flour, and more eggs. Luckily I already had chocolate chips in the house and half way through the directions I realized I was out of vanilla!!!! But I substituted some vanilla sugar we had in replace of vanilla extract. It may have had an impact on my cookies, either that or it really wasn't a good baking day for me because, though they tasted good, they came out way flatter and crispier than ever before. People still ate and enjoyed them though.

oh, and on a completely unrelated note, I finally got my letter of recommendation from the professor last night. He wrote it in English (why????) he also gave me the disk in which he wrote it on. Is that like don't ever bother me for this ever again?


iruvroo said...

that's the most disgusting bread i've ever seen!! what happened?? the cookies look good.

mandee said...

yeah, it looks gross, but if you notice on the side it looks like a rabid squirrel got to it, thats where i nibbled on it. the cooked parts tasted good, the rest went horribly wrong. i really dont know what happened.

iruvroo said...

How many banana's did you put in it??
did you insert a toothpick to make sure it was done?? What is Vanilla sugar?? aren't you using your american measuring utensils? Is you stove temp in c degrees ? well we still love you
Mom and dad