Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Valentine's Day

Today is the day of love. Gregory and I didn't wake up very lovingly, I opened my eyes and thought to myself "the only time I wake up voluntarily, with no assistance from my alarm is when I've gone BACK to bed after Gregory has left." this also made me realize how light the sky was, so I looked at my clock and shouted "Gregory it's EIGHT THIRTYYYYYYY" and that was that. We're not doing anything special, just mussels for dinner and and chocolate covered strawberries for dessert.

Yesterday was Justin's Birthday. I called him, hope he got it (HAPPY BIRTHDAY YESTERDAY AGAIN JUSTIN) I also went out to dinner with a friend yesterday. Its not very often I go out on a weeknight without Gregory, so I was pretty excited to be doing my own thing. He had work to do anyway and its always boring sitting there while he just came home from work and then he goes straight back to work. Victoria and I ate at a Turkish restaurant and had Turkish pizza. It was super good. Afterwards we headed for one of my favorite caf├ęs (Pink Flamingo) and had a drink.
I didn't get home until 10 and Gregory was still working so it looks like I didn't miss a thing besides TV programs but who cares about that! I had fun. I hope justin had fun on his birthday too.

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Steph said...

hehehe, Justin had a pretty standard birthday... your 'rents came over for Willow Tree chicken pies (local standard and all) then homemade chocolate cake, then in bed before 10pm. However, he got great news yesterday that he got a promotion and a raise! This weekend we're going snowmobiling til Tues. so that's his birthday really. He laughed and saved your voicemail, but forgot to show me. V-day was basically the same as any other night too. We went to OfficeMax for printer ink, and went to bed before 10pm again. Ugh, so old and tired feeling lately! Talk to ya soon!