Thursday, January 17, 2008


I went thrifting today and it was a total BUST! i didnt get anything! every store was boutique style with over priced crap. umm hello, i would have to debate spending 30 euros on a shirt 1st hand! never mind second hand. please. nothing even looked that good.
a few good blazers but all way too expensive for someone else already owning and wearing down the clothing. 3 euros, sure; 30 c'mon!

i had dreams of finding lovely necklaces, rings, purses, skirts, shoes. but nothing like that at all!

i guess nothing wil ever beat the american thrift store. i cant wait to go back and pick my hobby back up again.

speaking of going back, something i'm seriously considering buying when i return to the states is a juicer. i've been reading up on the benefits of juicing and it seems really..beneficial. clear skin, more energy, lower weight, less headaches/sinus problems. it speaks to me.

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