Friday, January 18, 2008

365 DAYS

i've started a new project... again.

some of you may remember i had mentioned i would be doing a photo project last year, but i never actually did it. i had taken a few pictures but they were mostly boring and stupid so i had never posted them anywhere. this year i've decided to give it another try; however, this one is slightly different. the last 365 project was to just take a picture a day but this one is a self portrait a day. it doesnt have to be of your face, according to the group rules on flickr, just as long as part of your body is in the photo then you're fine. and of course, no one else can take the picture, because then, it wouldn't really be a self portrait, would it?
i'm on day three. i invite you all to have a look at my flickr page and see how it unfolds.

here's my submission for today:

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