Tuesday, March 20, 2007

weekend recap

1. Saturday night went to a friend's house who we haven't visited in a while to eat junk food and play card games.

2. i won two games.

3. i had to drive home, and i haven't driven in quite a while so i was very stressed out.

4. i didn't stall at all and i actually did quite well aside from my hyperventilating.

5. Sunday morning i was treated to a surprise breakfast.

6. Gregory had ordered a basket from his baker friend. in it was rolls and croissants, 2 freshly hard-boiled eggs, fresh cheese, fresh butter, a small jar of jam, juice for me and chocolate milk for Gregory, and 2 small packages of candy and chocolate.

7. it was delicious. i felt like it was my birthday.

8. later we had a drink at a bar for a friend's birthday.

9. she was hosting it beginning at 11am!

10. but we didn't go until 12.30

11. we still managed to get a good buzz going

12. and then the crash from the mid afternoon drinking was horrible

13. in the evening a couple of unexpected guests came by.

14. Roxy, for the first time ever, didn't try to maul our guests. she was perfectly behaved because of a new training method i tried out

15. we figured out she cant make eye contact with anyone for now because that's what freaks her out. we're trying to get her comfortable with being around new people first before having anyone make contact

16. then i began to have symptoms of what was to become a 24 hour stomach bug.

17. come to find out the friend we visited on Saturday had the same thing, and its suspected that he gave it to us because he was feeling a bit under the weather before Saturday.

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