Thursday, March 22, 2007

It must have been the new clothes

Today, in honor of my interview, i skipped class in the morning and went clothes shopping instead. i dont have too much "business attire" and some that i do have is now too small and others are old. a pair of pants i normally wear on interview i had origionally bought for my grandfather's funeral. i've worn them for everything business like all through college and beyond. the pants are 6 years old. they're grey (on purpose) and tired looking. and a shirt i normally wear with it is probably about 3 years old and though theres lots of color in the shirt, pair with the pants it all looks lifeless, drap, unfashionable, boring. since i feel all those things in that outfit i decided i wanted to go out and buy a new outfit. one with color. one that makes me feel good and confident. and i did. black pants, of course. theres nothing wrong with a good pair of black pants, a pink striped shirt and a beautiful robin's egg blue sweater. i felt good.
and my interview went good too. i was complimented on my dutch and they seemed pretty ready to hire me on the spot with one concern: am i up for the heavy work that comes with the job?
well i think i am but one can never really know how hard it is to carry a horse head , legs, butt, whatever until they do it, right? so on monday and tuesday i'm riding in with my boss*(!) to try it out

* one of many bosses. the assistant to the head honcho of the department live in Rollegem--IN MY STREET . he has a dog which i go to visit with roxy every morning. WE'RE NEIGHBORS!

only problem is, is that he doesnt go in as early as i would have to every day because he has to drop his kids off at school. and the problem with that is the public transportation to the facility is poor. its not actually in the city of gent but more of a suburb of gent called Merelbeke and apparently i would have to take the train to gent and then a bus to Merelbeke and i hear theres only about 1 bus an HOUR going to and from there. and normally i would have to start at 7.30. thats very early for public transportation. they said probably with public transport it would take 2 hours to get there, from a 20 minute car ride. depressing.
but we'll see how it all goes


Stephanie said...

That's exciting!!!! Congratulations! I'm sure if you felt the good vibes and are riding along that you'll be hired in no time! People always end up getting the job where they find some funny coincidence (like the neighbor or Mike Griswold in my case) and it's like kismet!

V-Grrrl said...

OK Mandy, I'm tryin to get excited about a job doing animal autopsies. I'm just going to assume this is Your Thing and go woo hoo and share your excitement. It's just after visualizing you in your lovely pink striped shirt and robin's egg blue sweater, I didn't want to visualize you toting horse heads around.

I hope it all works out for you. Transportation is a pain. I live just outside of Brussels and the bus that takes me to and from the Metro station only runs once an hour so timing is EVERYTHING. Good luck!