Monday, February 19, 2007

sea side

yesterday gregory, roxy and i joined our friends in a trip to the coast. it was cloudy, foggy, a little misty and fairly cold. perfect day for a winter beach trip. it was roxy's first time on the beach and she loved it! she had a great time digging in the sand, chasing the ocean as it pulled back in (she doesn't like actually getting wet) and chasing around her new doggy pal, babs, the dog of our friends. she behaved very well in town with all the very many other visitors and other dogs as well. and slept like a rock on the way home! just the way we like it! gregory and roxy enjoying the sea air. in the background is our friends pieter-jan and thomas and, though its hard to see, babs is in the sea ready to go for a swim!
the rolling waves.

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