Wednesday, February 07, 2007

new addition

The newest member of our little family

Roxy. she's 6 months old and comes from the pound. she was from a breeder and her and her brother didnt sell from that litter. she's a bit skittish and has seperation anxiety. the pound people said on several occasions that she probably wasnt socialzed and i think they were trying to warn us. she's super sweet and loving, she just cant handle people leaving right now. i've been working really hard on trying to get her to just relax and deal with it but its really hard! she has to sleep in our room right now because otherwise she'd howl and bark all night long and i think she's going to get used to sleeping upstairs with us which is NOT what i wanted.

its been less than a week but i'm already going crazy with her crying! i cant leave the room without her crying for me to come back!! not.good. though i do have to say there has been improvement. so thats one thing i guess. its slooooooow going. i just hope she can overcome this.


we went to the pet store this afternoon to buy a proper pet gate (we were using a laundry drying rack before) and i also bought her a kong to hopefully keep her occupied. since we dont have any peanutbutter in the house (and before you all gasp and go all "sacrelig" on my ass please know that i DID have to full jars of jiff but i ate them and never had mumsie send more or buy more on visits and though peanutbutter recently exhists here in belgium, i am brand loyal and only like jiff) anyway, i filled it with banana bits of her dog food and broken up chunks of 1 treat and she had a blast! i had 10 full minutes of her playing with it while i was up here, she began to get whiney so i began doing my desensitization exercises with her again. this is where i just open the door to the upstairs, wait 1 second and return then go longer and shorter mixing up the seconds i'm away to show her theres nothing to worry about and that i will always return. during the exercise she fell asleep and i kept at it bringing the time away to 1 full minute then 2 and every time i returned she was still sleeping and not even waking up when i opened or closed the door! since then its been 15 full minutes without 1 peep from her. the kong tuckered her out. of course she fell asleep right in front of the gate but heck! who cares where she's sleeping just as long as she is sleeping.

oops spoke too soon. a howl is heard. well anyway, its an improvement!

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iruvroo said...

You are doing a great job!!! remember
patience is the answere. but be consistant and show her you are the person in charge not her.