Thursday, November 16, 2006

Feeling like an old lady

I take the bus pretty regularly these days and see all kinds of different people. I see the students; the people with only half of a full set of teeth, carrying 20 plastic bags and mumbling to themselves; the people that think they're a celebrity with their designer clothes and bling, and you really just want to point and laugh and say "you're riding in a BUS not a Cadillac!"; the seemly normal people; and of course, the old ladies.

the old ladies seem to only ride the bus for a few stops at a time. It always made me laugh because they're only on the bus for a minute before their pressing the button to get off. It makes me wonder why they just don't get themselves a rascal scooter and rascal themselves to the next bus stop, if that's only as far as their gonna go. Today I felt like one of the old ladies, without the scooter. (however, if I DID have a scooter I would have used it. In fact, I'd love a rascal. But I think I need to wait until I'm at least 50 before getting one so I can justify it and not just look like a lazy lardass.)

I had some business to attend to in the next village over. Normally I could have rode my bike as its not THAT far. But today its cold, raining, windy and I just plain didn't feel like getting a cold 2 days before I leave on vacation. So I waited at the bus stop for the bus to take me a total of 4 stops away.

the bus driver sounded very surprised when I told him where I was going, which was really only right over the hill and around a corner. A 5 minute drive. Which I don't see why because I've seen old people board the bus only to get off at the NEXT stop. When he told me it was 1.50 euro I was outraged!! It costs me 1.50 euro to go the city. The last stop from my house! Why in the name of peanutbutter was he charging me the same price to go to a dinky little town that everyone else was trying to get out of. But I paid the man, boarded the bus, and 5 minutes later got off. Did my business and waited at the bus stop to go back home. This time I was only going 3 stops away. And I got charged 1.50 AGAIN!! Which I would like to add here that when I ride from kortrijk to rollegem it only costs me 1.20. so why, WHY???? When I was almost in rollegem I had to pay more than what I normally do from coming further away????

I don't know, but anyway, those old ladies have a lot of time on their hands. What would normally be 15-20 errand with a car it took an hour with the bus. And now I know why all those old people have bus passes, because if they didn't they'd be eating cat food for the next month until their social security funds come in next.

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V-Grrrl said...

I've got the bus pass too. I'm not sure it's always cost effective but I like the POWER of flashing my bus pass and riding the bus ALL I WANT! woo hoo!

The bus fares are set by zones, not distance. That's why you can travel just a stop or two and incur a big fare.

Me, no bling. Just jeans, parka, scarf, and very comfortable and equally ugly walking shoes.